HollowBody™ Methodology

HollowBody™ is the signature methodology and movement philosophy advocated by Swee Boon, and the current methodology with which the dance artists at T.H.E train. Neither a mere movement aesthetic nor an existential state of being, it is an experiential process, utilising improvisational tools to guide practitioners towards a heightened physiological awareness that resonates in their movement choice, approach, and expression. 

HollowBody™ is based on the understanding of the body as the foundation of our world. As a vessel for thoughts, emotions and energy, our embodied experiences and knowledge transcend language and logic. The HollowBody methodology seeks to establish in its practitioner a level of trust and access that can surface these deep impulses and needs, and unearth an innate connectivity between mind, heart, and body. With the practitioner’s curiosities, potential, and limitations becoming wholly available to themselves, self-understanding and creative expression unfold.

Today, long-term practice of the HollowBody™ methodology has fed naturally into T.H.E’s creation and performance voice. We at T.H.E believe that with HollowBody™, dance and movement can be embraced as a fundamental pillar in life that offers a deep connection to the body, and in turn, the world

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