Show Duration

Approximately 27 minutes


Inspired by the philosophical adage, l’existence précède l’essence (existence precedes essence), Pure examines the complexities of living together as both a unit of family and society. 

Pure is driven by the perpetual cycle of tension and compromise that accompany every form of social interaction. An inevitable consequence of Man’s fundamental craving to belong. We may own the freedom to decide our individual actions, but so long as we exist amongst other humans, we can never escape the full forces that dictate the ebb and flow of existence. They are one and the same no matter the varying shapes and forms that manifest within different cultures and societal tiers. 

In the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Pure was adapted into Purⓔ《纯ⓔ》over the circuit breaker period in Singapore (equivalent to a lockdown). Performed by two dance artists in their own living rooms as an experimental work, and rehearsed and presented entirely over Zoom, this experimental version of the work explored concepts of communication as the basis of coexistence between two or more beings. An archival video of this version is available upon request. 

Media/Audience Quotes

"...a beautiful and stunning exploration of individual and societal relationships. The movement of the dancers was utterly mesmerising..." 

Melina Charles, Brisbane Dance Review, 2018

“This duet had the fluidity of Tai Chi; the body weaving and undulating hypnotically, above firmly planted feet. There was a wonderful use of audible breath, with both dancers’ performances quite mesmerising.” 

– Denise Richardson, Dance Australia (Online Magazine), 2018 

Pure by T.H.E Dance Company from Singapore was exquisite…(the dancers) seemed both futuristic and otherworldly, and they were lovely to watch…a very successful way to demonstrate the differing view points contemporary dance can offer.” 

– Luisa Ryan, scenestr, 2018 


Artistic Direction & Choreography | Kuik Swee Boon 

Sound Design & Composition | Jing Ng 

Lighting Design | Gabriel Chan 

Costume Design | Jamela Law 

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