Message from the Artistic Director

Re: the Human, and the Other

Since last year’s Searching Blue, I have been contemplating how the Self and Other might coexist, and how we might demonstrate the possibility of coexistence amidst today’s challenging global circumstances, while reflecting on the deeper layers of meaning between the work and our audiences.

As a Singaporean and Southeast Asian contemporary dance company, we have been working to establish our own identity and position. We want to show the world who we are, and to also bring forth more progressive ideas. Now, we realise that even as we embrace and take pride in our cultures, ethnicities and nationalities as part of our identities, there is a larger, more pertinent identity — our common humanity — to be accepted and forged.

The pandemic taught us the importance of staying connected with our communities, but we might need to rethink our definition of what community could be. Could an entire country, or even the whole planet, become connected as a community? If so, let us face head-on this challenge of coexistence between each other, and liberate ourselves from the trappings of a narrowed sense of identity by reimagining new possibilities to create a greater sense of belonging.






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