Infinitely Closer 《⽆限的接近》

Show Duration

Approximately 75-80 minutes


Could we draw infinitely closer to the crux of true freedom? Man is born free, yet we also become increasingly restrained by the various labels of our identities, be it in finite, exacting, fluid, or imperceptible forms. How would the process of breaking out of these purported identities, of consciously choosing to inch towards the freeing truth, be? Is this heart of truth and freedom even within our human reach? 

Man’s search for his own authenticity, value, and raison d’etre becomes a persistent, dialogical struggle (a peculiar paradox, since we never know what life holds for us in its next moment). In this process of seeking, perhaps what we need is to both establish yet challenge our own state of equilibrium, because the essence of this life lies in transcending what was deemed fixed, pushing through boundaries, and constantly rebuilding a renewed sense of self and stability. Could freedom simply lie in our continuous work to uproot self-imposed restrictions, deep-seated social prejudices, and autocratic control?

Media/Audience Quotes

“A thoughtful and visually-gratifying collaboration of technology and contemporary dance… Infinitely Closer provides a contemporary experience for audiences that is not commonly experienced, and executes a physically intense and impressive choreography to a world-class level.”

– Georgina Smerd, Glam Adelaide

Infinitely Closer was an experimental masterpiece… a performance that would be worth re-experiencing, time and time again… The dancers’ movements were immaculate, and it was impossible to imagine how such organic—no less impactful and challenging—physicality could have been choreographed or rehearsed.”

– Celina Lei, ArtsHub AU

Infinitely Closer is a superb example of contemporary dance performance and an OzAsia Festival highlight!”

– Dr Diana Carroll, FIFTY+SA

“Incredible set design, visually stunning lighting/holographic projections, energetic and compelling choreography, powerhouse performers.”

– Abbie Rebecca Machin, audience member

Infinitely Closer is an ever-evolving discussion that we are fortunate to participate in… The way the dancers move is astonishing. Undulating as naturally as seaweed in an ocean tide, they ripple in a constant rearrangement of shapes, making use of every joint, from their spines down to each finger and toe.”

– Megan Koch, InReview, SA 


Dramaturgy | Kok Heng Leun

Lighting Design | Adrian Tan

Sound Design & Music Composition | Kent Lee

Spatial Sound Design | Guo Ningru

Soundscape System Support | d&b audiotechnik Asia Pacific

Projection Content Design | SEESAW (Jay Lei & Jay Lee)

Filming of Projection Content | Pangolin Films & melonrock

Projection System Design | Low Wee Cheng (Ctrl Fre@k)

Set Conceptualisation Design | Kuik Swee Boon

Set Realisation | ARTFACTORY

Set Fabrication | INDC Pte Ltd

Costume Design | Choi In Sook

Costume Realisation | Fertileland

Producer | Athelyna Swee 

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