Taught by current and former dance artists of T.H.E’s main and second companies, T.H.E’s public studio classes are pegged at introductory, beginner and intermediate levels for a comfortable learning pace. Explore elements of contemporary dance flavoured with T.H.E’s movement aesthetic, and let your movement journey take flight.


Suitable for those with little to no dance experience looking to build a foundational understanding in dance and movement.

Classes at the Introductory level offer set combinations and guided improvisational exercises crafted by our instructors, based on their individual movement practices and experiences. Participants will develop bodily and spatial awareness, become more sensitive to the use of energy and initiation as they dance, and gain confidence in approaching new movement vocabularies.

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Suitable for those with some dance experience looking to improve their technical understanding of contemporary dance and develop their movement articulation.

Classes at the Beginner level offer set movement phrases and improvisational tasks crafted by our instructors, based on their individual movement practices and experiences. Participants will refine their coordination and bodily awareness, and will be encouraged to find more sensitivity, precision, and artistry.

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Suitable for participants ready to take their practice of contemporary dance to the next level and refine their movement abilities.  

Classes at the Intermediate level are faster-paced with complex movement vocabulary, transitions, and sequences for participants to elevate their technique and understanding. Participants will also hone their strength and sensitivity, build expressivity and artistry, and become more articulate, intelligent movers.

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Mondays, 7—8:20PM (Beginner Level)

In this class, you will focus on exploring the subtle range of motion unique to each individual, finding flow and connectivity between movements, and fostering a deeper understanding of your body. Additionally, you will work with the intricacies of placing and shifting your weight on the ground, incorporating inversions and floorwork blended with some elements of breaking.


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