Building human
connections through dance


The Human Expression (T.H.E) Dance Company was founded in 2008 by Artistic Director Kuik Swee Boon. Rooted firmly in Singapore yet universal in its perspective, T.H.E's contemporary dance works reveal the body as a medium for exploring and celebrating the human condition.

Dance artists at T.H.E are immersed in the Company's signature methodology, HollowBody, which guides them to access their deeper instincts and impulses through movement.

The Company's movement vocabulary is distinct in its intensely personal aesthetics, yet thrilling in its diversity. Driven by a sincere desire to uncover the intricate, complex and oft-times overlooked dimensions of human existence, the Company's incisive observations on the human condition and its original creations are an essential mirror to the issues and rhythms of contemporary life. (More...)


T.H.E Second Company was born in 2008, with an interest in identifying and mentoring aspiring dancers to reach a professional standard of contemporary dance. Today, T.H.E Second Company has expanded its reach to members of the public who display a high aptitude for dance, including serious dance hobbyists and aspiring choreographers.

Unique to the company is its stringent technique training programme — one that is seldom available to individuals outside of a professional dance company. Members are taught by T.H.E’s core artistic team and guest teachers to ground them with a sound level of physical aptitude to tackle the demands of contemporary dance. Members also receive critical professional feedback on their performances and choreographic creations.



Collaboration is an important part of T.H.E Dance Company’s artistic vision. We believe that a successful work does not depend on one person’s effort but the collective energy of a dynamic group of individuals. We have worked with local and foreign artists from diverse artistic disciplines including musicians Bani Haykal, Darren Ng, and Wang Yu Jun (Taiwan) as well as fashion designer Sunny Lim, Brazilian video artist Gabriela Gomes, Finnish lighting designer Anna Rouhu, and international choreographers such as Xing Liang (Hong Kong), Zhang Xiao-Xiong (Taiwan), Wu Yi San (Taiwan), Boi Sakti (Indonesia), Jeffrey Tan (Singapore) and Dimo Kirilov (France/Spain).